Don't be a victim of Speed Throttle.

Please use a VPN as a resolution to any buffering/freezing that you may experience.

Internet service providers are slowing down connections to our servers which leads to buffering and freezing issues you’re experiencing. This isn’t something that can be fixed from our end and can happen at anytime even if it worked perfectly for you without a VPN in the past. You can rest assured that it is our mission to provide you with the best service available and we continuously keep our servers in tip top shape to ensure all our customers receive only the best.

Please read and follow the information below for resolution steps.

Commonly Asked Questions:
Q: What is a VPN?
A: A VPN disguises your internet network from your internet provider in order to stop them from seeing what you use your internet for and how you choose to use your internet.
Q: I called my internet provider and they told me that they do not throttle my internet or slow down my speeds?
A: we can assure you that after providing support for many customers we can determine that internet providers do not like to advertise or admit to their customers that they throttle their speeds. After connecting a VPN the issue almost magically disappears which clearly displays that the internet provider is throttling the speed.
Q:But my HULU, Amazon, Netflix accounts work just fine without buffering?
A: This is specific to our servers and a VPN is the only solution to stop your internet provider from slowing down your speeds when using our service.
Q: What VPN’s do you recommend?
A: Our Recommended VPN providers are:
Express VPN (highly recommended)
-IP VANISH (Learn how to find the best server)

Q: How can I install a VPN?
A: Please visit our recommended VPN provider’s website for detailed installation instructions guides for all of your devices.
Additional how-to installation videos are available on YouTube.

Q: But I already have a VPN, why do I need to switch?

A: Not all VPN providers are created equal. Please choose a VPN from our recommended VPN providers listed above.  These VPN’s have been thoroughly tested for best results.


Q: I’m already using a VPN and still experiencing issues, why?
A: If you are already using one of our recommended VPN providers and still experiencing buffering, please try changing the server location within the VPN. 

For instructions on how to switch the server location, please visit your VPN’s website.


Q: Should I choose the fastest server on my VPN?

A: Choosing the fastest server option on your VPN will not always provide the best results.  

Please try multiple locations until you’re able to find a server location that provides you a buffer-free experience.  

You may need to cycle throughout all of the VPN server locations to find the best one for you.

Please visit your VPN provider’s website for more information on how to change the server location.


Q: Which VPN server locations do you recommend?

A: VPN services provide us multiple server locations options to choose from. The best server location for you will vary.  The VPN server location that worked perfectly for you today may not necessarily work the best for you tomorrow due to congestion. This is one of the reasons that VPN services provide several locations. Switching locations only takes a few short seconds.  Before you begin, we recommend clearing cache or rebooting your device for best results.

Some of our suggested VPN server locations are:
-USA – Los Angeles / Washington DC
-Canada – Toronto

Q: Sometimes my service works better without my VPN, why?

A: Yes it’s important to note that Internet providers may only throttle at certain times or during popular events. VPN’s are only required when you’re actively being throttled. There may be situations where you will need to disconnect your VPN for best results. We realize this can be confusing but these are tested and proven methods so please try these troubleshooting tips before contacting us for any additional support.


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