Terms and conditions

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By using our service, you agree with all our terms, so please read on carefully.

About our product
We offer IPTV Subscriptions with more than 4500 channels and 20000 VOD.

Trial account
With the trial account, you will have 24 hours to check the channels and stability of the server

- If you want to use many devices, please make a payment for multi connections.

Quality of channels
- There are many elements affecting the channel quality such as your internet speed, your location, the device and the app that you use, and the content source. As a client using IPTV service, you should know IPTV service can not be stable all the time, so we can not make any guarantees about the content. On our side, we will keep servers stable.

- If you have any issues with the content quality, you can contact us.

Channels and movies (VOD) library
The number of channels and movies in the VOD library can be changed based on the update we do every week. We also delete VODs, channels with bad streaming quality, that do not work and cannot be fixed.

About Terms and Conditions
We may modify these terms and conditions and Privacy Policy when we see it is needed, with or without notification to the clients.